Intrigue and romance


Lusting after someone is the easy part.  But what comes after unbridled passion? 

Is there a chance for true connection? 

Devin Reese, the founder of Afterlust – his spiritual retreat center – hopes he can hold onto his sobriety and live a quiet life.  But when the adult daughter he has never met arrives at the Center, it becomes the stomping grounds for seduction, betrayal, bloodshed…as well as possible heart-felt redemption.

Welcome to the Afterlust Retreat Center


Devin, along with those around him, will have to sort through the romanticized and villainized preconceptions that these titillating characters have of one another.  

Is Devin who he thinks he is?  Is he the person others think he is?  Or like everyone in this novel, is he a fusion of idolized and demonized assumptions?  

Who are these people really and what are the disastrous or inspiring consequences of their choices? 

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