Happened to Alec

A suspense-filled novel about the worst that can happen when parents don’t pay attention to their kids...husbands and wives don’t pay attention to each other...and people just don’t pay attention to themselves or what’s happening in the world around them. 

What would make an all-American boy like Alec get into such trouble?  Answers abound in this gripping psychological thriller about a "typical" teen who is facing menaces to which everyone else is blind. Fans of Big Little Lies or Gone Girl will devour this page-turner - hoping that Alec won't become a danger to himself or others. 

My New Novel

You'll be entertained, shocked & informed.

Alec is in trouble because of the neglectful, self-absorbed characters around him. 

These people justify their dysfunctional online and real-time behavior with wildly convoluted thinking.

So, the boy is at risk of  becoming a real danger to himself or others!

You won't say "whatever" again without thinking.

Alec's parents dismiss him as a difficult burden instead of as a troubled teen.

And a range of garden-variety-neurotics (and bat-shit-crazy folks) circle around him as the book explores the thin line between tragedy and comedy.  

It's the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election - Who Cares?

Politics take a back burner to the drama of personal lives.

Yet, you'll be surprisingly entertained or sympathetic to some of these deeply flawed characters...even in moments of disgust or fear.

And you'll root for Alec to be found and saved.  

Although he might not be able to accept an honest helping hand.


WHATEVER Happened to Alec

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WHATEVER Happened to Alec

This is My Second Novel. 

This boy is in trouble and if the self-absorbed people around him don't wake up – things can become grippingly dangerous.

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Working on my next novel. Another cast of characters who learn and grow...and occasionally betray, lie, or try to destroy each other. Watch for updates.  No spoilers here.

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